blOgs week 1


Some more text that's italicized to make an impact.

RSS, baby.

My blog doesn't

didn't have RSS. I didn't really think about it before. My blog is for me really. You can read it, anyone can, it's public, but really it's for me. I'm getting old. My memory isn't so good anymore. I want to put things down on e-paper. And when I die, maybe someone who remembers me, will read it, and find out some more about me. But anyway..

I mentioned here somewhere before, flippantly, about having a blog like a changelog. i found an interesting little blogger thing, that i will use for something like that. i mean, what version of my software am i? it's an interesting concept actually.. a changelog.. hmm.. but this will be more like a summary of what i blogged here on the main blog.

this is the new 'changelog' blog..


and the attempt at an rss feed..


this link is an xml file that goes in your rss reader

btw, i really like protopage.com - you can make a cool webpage for yourself with the weather and newsfeeds and comics and all kinds of stuff you like.

try it out!

tomorrow is 23 day!