New moonth

A new beginning.

I was trying to write a blog each and every day.

I just about did it for August. It was cool but I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm going to do them when I feel like it now, rather than feel like I need to do them.

The ones I do do, I can put more time into, and I can put some time into the older blogs, adding more to them.

In the southern hemisphere, we come into Spring! I love it!

Autumn is beautiful too!

Equinox equanimity. Solstice serenity. Vice versas.

Primo Day..

To make my blog, I use a thing called Primo. It's a bit like Wordpress.

You know, you might see at the bottom of a site: This site was made by Wordpress.

Well, as a default, there would be a site made by Primo thing at the bottom of this.

I really appreciate FOSS products including Primo, but I don't want to distract away from my blog with the message on every page. So I thought I could at least put the message on once a month, and give Primo a little mention.

So the first of the month is Primo day!